OriginKantai Collection ~Kan Colle~CharacterRo 500CompanyQues Q As ManufacturerArtistDel A..
US$136.00 US$122.40
Ex Tax: US$122.40
ClassificationDream TechOriginLove Live! Sunshine!!CharacterOhara MariCompanyWave As Manufactur..
US$156.00 US$140.40
Ex Tax: US$140.40
ClassificationFigma (#276)OriginYu-Gi-Oh! Duel MonstersCharacterYami YuugiCompanyMax Factory As..
US$63.41 US$57.07
Ex Tax: US$57.07
Release Date: Jan 2018Scale:  1/6Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=250mm (9.75in)Bran..
US$135.85 US$122.27
Ex Tax: US$122.27
Release Date: Jan 2018Scale:  1/6Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=250mm (9.75in)Bran..
US$135.85 US$122.27
Ex Tax: US$122.27
Release Date: Jun 2018Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=140mm (5.46in)Brand:  Phat Co..
US$69.99 US$62.99
Ex Tax: US$62.99
Release Date: Apr 2018Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=100mm (3.9in)Brand:  (Good Smile C..
US$51.99 US$46.79
Ex Tax: US$46.79
Release Date:  Jan 2018Scale:  1/5Material:  ABS, PVCSize:  H=220mm (8.58in)Bran..
US$176.39 US$158.75
Ex Tax: US$158.75
[email protected] Cinderella GirlsCharacterShimamura UzukiCompanyFREEing As ManufacturerArtistOz..
US$119.85 US$107.87
Ex Tax: US$107.87
Release Date: Jan 2018Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=78mm (3.04in)Brand:  PulchraP..
US$45.28 US$40.75
Ex Tax: US$40.75
OriginMahou ShoujoCharacterSuzuhara MisaeCompanyOrca Toys As ManufacturerArtistShiragami Takayu..
US$271.00 US$243.90
Ex Tax: US$243.90
CategoryPrepaintedOriginOokami to KoushinryouCharacterHoloCompaniesGood Smile Company As Distri..
US$145.25 US$132.53
Ex Tax: US$132.53
Release Date: Sep 2017Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=100mm (3.9in)Brand:  Good Smile Co..
Ex Tax: US$40.77
GoodSmile Bonus:  Rubber Strap: Yamatonokami Yasusada "I'm Happy. Thank You."Release Date: Oct ..
Ex Tax: US$47.98
All 8 types can be collected by 1 purchase.Release Date: Sep 2017Size:  H=45mm (1.76in)Material..
US$103.78 US$98.58
Ex Tax: US$98.58
Release date:  Sep 2017Material:   ABS, PVCSize:  H=130mm (5.07in)Brand:  Max Fa..
Ex Tax: US$66.79
Release date:  Sep 2017Material:   ABS, PVCSize:  H=130mm (5.07in)Brand:  Max Fa..
Ex Tax: US$66.79
Release Date: Sep 2017Scale:  1/7Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=450mm (17.55in)Bra..
Ex Tax: US$307.76
Release Date:  Sep 2017GoodSmile Bonus: Miniature Scissor BladeMaterial:  ABS, PVCSize: &n..
Ex Tax: US$42.59
GoodSmile Bonus: Two Additional Red Letter PlatesRelease Date:  Sep 2017Material:  ABS, AT..
Ex Tax: US$45.87
Release Date: Sep 2017GoodSmile Bonus: Beat-up expressionMaterial:  ABS, PVCSize:  H=..
Ex Tax: US$45.59
Release Date: Sep 2017Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=100mm (3.9in)Brand:  Orange RougeP..
Ex Tax: US$47.49
Release Date: 09/13/2017Material:  ABSSize:  H=100mm (3.9in)Brand:  Good Smile Compan..
US$24.86 US$22.82
Ex Tax: US$22.82
Release Date: Apr 2018Material:  ABS, PVCSize:  H=100mm (3.9in)Brand:  Good Smile Com..
Ex Tax: US$48.75
Release Date: Mar 2018Scale:  1/7Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   L=225mm (8.78in)Bran..
Ex Tax: US$143.84
Release Date:  Feb 2018Size:  H=140mm (5.46in)Material:  ABS, PVCScale:  1/8Bran..
Ex Tax: US$161.29
Release Date:  Apr 2018Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=170mm (6.63in)Brand:  Q..
Ex Tax: US$154.18
Release Date:  Jun 2018Scale:  1/7Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=220mm (8.58i..
Ex Tax: US$163.58
OriginFate/Grand OrderCharacterIshtarCompanyAniplex As ManufacturerArtistsDesign Coco Curve&nbs..
Ex Tax: US$238.57
Release date: Apr 2018Scale:  1/7Material:  ABS, PVCSize:  H=350mm (13.65in)Brand: &n..
Ex Tax: US$211.89
Release Date: Jan 2018Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=150mm (5.85in)Brand:  Max Fac..
Ex Tax: US$70.31
Good Smile Bonus:  Suitcase (Including Holding Hand for Edward)Release Date:  Jan 2018Mate..
Ex Tax: US$55.48
Release date: Jan 2018Scale:  1/7Material:  PVCSize:  H=190mm (7.68in)Brand:  My..
Ex Tax: US$134.53
Release Date: Jan 2018Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=100mm (3.9in)Brand:  Good Smile Co..
Ex Tax: US$51.30
Release Date: Mar 2018Scale:  1/7Material:  ABS, PVCSize:   H=240mm (9.36in)Bran..
Ex Tax: US$125.73
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