Shuvi Dola 1/7

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Let's take a look at today's guest --

Shuvi Dola 1/7!!  (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

After the announced release of Shiro and Jibril, Phat! Company is completing this series by making Shuvi! (・ω・)bグッ

The colour tuning is really special! From purple to blue to green then to yellow

Let's get into the details in this stunning pretty!

Apart from the main figure Shuvi ...

Riku and Coronoe are here with her! (*´・з・) 

Shuvi is up for Pre-Order now!


Don't forget to check out different Shiro figures and Jibril nendoroid as well!

Shiro - 1/7

Shiro - 1/8

Shiro 1/7 (Phat!)

Jibril Nendoroid


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